The Birth of a Nation; I hope. 

Fabulous post and so informative sort of film I will go to see … Sharing with friends .. Regards Ian


Once I had a dream that I was buried alive. I felt like I was placed in a position, couldn’t move and something covered my  nostril, it caused me to gradually lose my breath. As if that wasn’t bad enough, no matter how much I banged on top of the coffin, no one heard me. I was helpless, without a savior. It was one of the most terrifying thing to experience, even in my dream. There were many situations in life where this feeling applies; even today.

I bought my ticket for The Birth of a Nation online, a day before its release. Something I’ve never done before. Frankly, I didn’t want to be left out in the cold if it was sold out. My friend who warned me ahead of time of her inability to stay awake during a movie, didn’t even want to leave her seat to use the bathroom…

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