Cashless bartering for survival

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Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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After the collapse of an issuing government of some fiat money, or even after a government’s sudden demonetization or confiscation of its own fiat money the population is left with only bartering for their own survival.

1. Choice of universal exchange medium

As the existing fiat cash has no authority to accept it as a tax payment (such as right after that government is toppled by an occupation force or by a revolution), it may become just a worthless piece of money (see references [2],[3],[4],[5]).

People can do direct bartering of their locally produced goods and needed items or they can do better with indirect (double) bartering using an intermediary bartering medium. For examples on bartering medium, they can use five lemons or five oranges or two chicken eggs rather than one dollar, a spark plug to rather than 2 dollars etc…Bartering items…

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