Blanche & Ophelia

Nice to see you back and writing your great stuff again keep up the good work Ian ⭐️😊👍


Blanche & Ophelia

truth doesn’t lie
in the voice of the gentleman she’s not expecting
nor in the one who rejects

it’s a dim half or almost whole dark shade
dawdling in the parlour or a menace in wait
outside the shuttered window
where ordinary scraps of day gather to singularities

a woman far from her self
makes no last call as a stone-laced coat takes her down
and her boa of plucked flowers and straws
breaks apart on the way to the sea
scatterings that may be one in another otherness

if only before going in
she dams the stream within
and looks over her shoulder to ask
whether a lad who thinks too much is worth it
or catches through the dropping sun
the crenellations of the nunnery he suggests

and if prescriptions are not for her
let her wash her hair such fine hair
paint her still…

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