Fabulous post Leslie .. Reminds me of the ‘ Spit and Sawdust Pubs ‘ of long ago one such was called ‘ The Case Is Altered ‘ not these modern names but a pub with history of its drinkers … Ian ⭐️😊👍


This is a 12″ x 16″ oil on canvas called The Reception. This is a vignette in life where the wedding is over and the father of the bride and the father of the groom get together over a drink at the reception and discuss the meaning of life and their hopes and fears for the future union of their children.


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Prayer is the cure for a lost soul, confused mind, and a broken heart…&…Namaz kaybolmuş ruhlar, karışmış zihinler ve kırılmış kalpler için şifadır.

Beautiful post as always Semra … Reflective and deep with so much meaning …. Prayer for me is with my private thoughts with the father and freedom to express all that l feel, felt or thought … And to offer thanks for all he gave me … Never to ask for more than l need and to ask to help all others with their burdens daily … Amen .. 🙏



ssemrassAllah Almighty does not need anything; He does not need our worship, either. It is we who need worship. Worship is a kind of remedy for our spiritual wounds. It is the food for our spirit and the remedy for the diseases in our heart. Therefore, the reason why Allah Almighty orders worship is our own benefit. When a doctor insistently advises some medicines to a patient, he does it for the benefit of the patient not for his own benefit. It is nonsense to say to the doctor, “Why do you insist on this medicine? Why do you need it?”; similarly, it is nonsense and illogical to think, “Why does Allah Almighty order us to worship? Why does He need it?”

The reason why Allah created the universe is to show the manifestations of his names and attributes and to present the wonderful reflections of those manifestations and these…

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Like a Fist

Beautiful inspiring post Brenda as always … Always the cold reminds me of a punch in the throat from how its ability to take our breath away makes me feel … I remember as a child my mum saying dress up warm or you will catch a cold … But years later we find out that heat incubates germs … Must have known never get colds and always in short sleeve t-shirts all year round … Lots of warm hugs … Ian ⭐️😊👍

Friendly Fairy Tales

Sunset on a lake with a twisted tree

At times sunset
comes down
like a fist,
clenched with
unsaid words,
storms forecast,
and even the color pink
becomes a
of feminine power.

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La vergüenza de nuestro tiempo

Great post Adrian and Carlos and really worthy cause … …added video as important … Ian

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

Un repentino corro de sombras beligerantes, un chispazo trémulo que se ensancha rápidamente en la oscuridad, la tierra temblando desde sus más hondos cimientos, mientras las manos tratan de ahogar el grito obtuso, desesperado, de quien es demasiado joven para entender lo que ocurre. El leve polvo que se desprende de los techos semiderruidos y el horror tomando las más disparatadas formas, aunque ninguna tan aberrante y mezquina, tan llena de iniquidad, como la que puede dibujar la sombra de la guerra en los ojos de un niño.

Dicen que la historia la escriben los vencedores, pero en Siria no ganará nadie, solamente habrán pérdidas, los jirones de una humanidad raída, desgarrada por el cinismo de la mentira mediática, que crece auspiciada por esa piara que se acomoda en la porqueriza del poder, tratando de ocultar los verdaderos intereses de la tragedia, los intereses particulares de los lobbies que financian los partidos, usurpando…

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