RPA – Remotely Piloted Aircraft

What a brilliant and superb post Kirsten just had to share … Something for the future ‘ news today of a flying car travelling at upto 150 miles per hour .. Boy will our skies need vigilant authority then … People are dangerous enough on the roads in the UK … Ian


If you’ve got a drone and haven’t been keeping a close eye on the regulations, be very careful. Uploading videos taken from your drone to the internet could result in the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) sending you a hefty fine.

One Queensland drone pilot found this out the hard way, after receiving an $850 fine for his drone use — all based on videos he had uploaded to YouTube. (Ref)


Australia’s safety laws for drones vary whether you are flying commercially or recreationally.

When flying a drone over 2 kilograms for any form of economic gain, you need to have an RPA operator’s certificate.

When flying for fun then the regulations are less restrictive and allow you to fly an RPA without needing to be certified, providing you follow some simple safety rules. (Ref)

Standard RPA operating conditions means that the RPA must be operated:

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