5 reasons to start travelling (short)

Another excellent post Dave so informative and helpful your a real ⭐️ keep up the traveling … Ian 😊


There are hundred reasons why travelling is really good for us. The best is that people don’t have to travel for 10 years to feel these advantages but after a few months you can be an other person knowing much better who you are.

1. Self-confidence

People on the way meet new situations. These can be positive and negative as well. In these moments you have to make decisions because you are maybe alone and nobody can’t help you. In easier case you have to find a hotel or to bargain on the market but it can happen that you have to argue with people how don’t speak your language because you lost your baggage or they say that your booking is not valid. (It happened with me last time in Madrid and I had to talk 20 minutes with the receptionist who couldn’t speak English and I wanted to…

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