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The Start of Every shift

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jl-repatriation-0049-1024x734The Start of Every shift

My knight in his blue armor
steps out into the dark.
In search of all wrong doing,
with a hope to make it right.
He carries not a sword,
But a “semi” on his side.
With hopes his training will not fail him,
Should there come a place or time.
And as he settles into his modern day Stallion;
The one with piercing blue eyes
The thought runs through his mind.
“What will I come upon tonight?”
“A speeder, a con, a felon a man who beat his wife?
A pusher, a punk, some other with a knife?”
“Will I have to defend my life,
Or will a fellow man in blue
Be assigned to console my grieving wife?”
And so, with this thought still lingering
through the channels of his mind…
He prays to a God he thinks is there
But still, he is…

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Friendly Fairy Tales


Restless in winter, inside,
because of ice, afraid to fall.

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5 reasons to start travelling (short)

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Ex silentio

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Die Zeit

Storia illustrata

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