How you can plan a short trip

Great post as always Dave who needs a travel agent when they have you to guide their way … Really informative … Ian ⭐️😊👍


Nowadays as I see people are more considered and more conscious. Using internet is a part of our life and the available informations are endless. I think the time of travel agencies is almost gone. We don’t need personal assistance to find cheap flight tickets or a cheap accommodation because we can use millions of websites to find the most appropriate conditions. In this case I would like to show you how I organise a short trip if I have just a weekend being abroad or just in another city. It doesn’t matter alone or with somebody you will travel, the point is to have less thought more doing. For people who would travel alone there is an other post How you can travel alone of me about it.

1. Choose a destination – open up a map

People would think that this step doesn’t belong to this topic because we know always…

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