The paradoxical nature of life

This is truly one of the best posts l have read for a long time and so much reflects me and the changes that took place nearly 2-years ago after my mum died and I had taken care of her for nearly 30-years after my dad died and I had a purpose … It died and for the first time l had no purpose and had to find out who I really was … It’s taken 2-years of pain and heartache to smile at life … This post says my past not my future that makes me 😊 your a ⭐️ regards Ian

Cristian Mihai

What is light? The opposite of darkness or the absence of it? What is beauty? The opposite of ugliness? But what about strength and weakness? Wealth and poverty? Health and sickness?

Our philosophy pretty much makes use of opposites. We like to name, define, describe, and measure. Everything has a price. Nothing seems to have any value.

If you are this, then you can’t be that. Either this, either that…

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How you can plan a short trip

Great post as always Dave who needs a travel agent when they have you to guide their way … Really informative … Ian ⭐️😊👍