Fabulous post and so informative amazing my lady I will never look at stones in the same way ever again .. Lots of love Ian X 💕


beaches_800x600When you feel you are ready to accept the Stones they will begin to accept you

…just some ordinary simple stones found along the way on your daily path

Pick them up as you find them bring them home and put the Stones in a pouch or wrap them up in a cloth


When the Moon is Full place a white cloth on a table in front of a window so that the Full Moon energy shines on the Stones

On each end of the table set a white candle

And burn a good blessings incense such as Myrrh ~ Sandalwood ~ Vanilla

Light the candles
Light the incense
Then focus

Aid me in my Magick spells
Bring me knowledge from deep wells

Stones of power Stones of lore
Join with me I do implore

Pass each stone through the incense smoke and above the candle…

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