The Wrinkles of the City

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Fina Espino Photography


The Wrinkles of the City – La Havana 2012

By JR and José Parlá

The image above is one of 25 portraits of senior citizens taken by artistsJR and José Parlá during 2012. This particular image, the portrait of Leda Antonia Machado, is one of my favorites from the series. Through this collaboration, the artists created public art mural installations throughout the city that depict the stories of some of the ordinary senior citizens living in the city.

The artistswere able to install images that were very different from thepolitical propaganda commonly displayed throughout Havana. The portraits are an example of how art can have an effect on the masses. These images were able to bring the community together and got them to share their stories. It was very interesting to see the different reactions as the portraits were being created. While most of the reactions were positive, there was…

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