Status report of my blogger story – February

Great roundup post Dave and keep up traveling thanks for all your vists and likes … Your a ⭐️😊👍

We're the Travelers

The time is running and February is already here so it’s time to give a status about my blogging work as I promised. The biggest success is that I didn’t give up and my calendar is pretty full. In January I travelled to Paris, Venice and Madrid. I felt good and honestly I have never had a lot of experiences within a month so I think the “follow my dreams project” works properly and my life is going to the best direction. I would like to give you an overview about the ticket prices and how much money I paid for the accommodations in the above mentioned cities. The first stop was Paris. Honestly, it wasn’t a random destination because I wanted to travel long to there and that’s why the ticket wasn’t so cheap but the experience will remain with me forever and it’s priceless. You can…

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