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gemstone-pendulumsIt’s worn around the neck or dangles from a wrist or ankle attached by a woven cord a chain or a thin leather strap

It can be a small medal pendant you can cut it from copper or silver or sparkle it from a crystal or a polished stone

Either way it will serve you admirable

It’s an ornament and you wear it openly rather than hidden beneath your clothes

…and rings as well make wonderful AmuletsFashion-5Any Magickal words should be inscribed on the inner surface to preserve the ring with a certain degree of secrecy

You can cut a simple ring from a strip of metal something smooth and shaped into a circle

Inscribing symbols in paint or India ink is a good way to decorate your homemade jewelry then apply a protective lacquer over it to seal in the symbols and words

Well fashioned rings with a…

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