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George Scott: empire, football and Burma — adcochrane

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How the British Empire occupied the remote highlands of Burma (Myanmar) through football, jokes and an indomitable imperialist.

George Scott (middle, striped top) organised the first football matches in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma). 1879

One day in the late 19th century a diminutive son of a Fife preacher stood outside an unknown settlement in northern Burma.

George Scott’s expedition was beyond the protection of the British Empire and his supply route was stretched to breaking point. He was in the territory of the Wa tribe, where “every village has its skull avenue”. It was, judging by the piles of heads ripening in the sun, head hunting season. The head of an Englishman would have been highly prized. Furthermore the villagers were massed on their blockades and were not friendly.

Scott was not deterred. He stood in front of them, unarmed and alone, and told some jokes that survived translations through four different languages. Within minutes he had them laughing so much they invited his party into…

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Federal Reserve Bank charges unnecessary fees to Americans.

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Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

Americans keep paying unnecessary fees to private bankers through Federal Reserve Bank.
Every year billion dollars of undeserved fees (or interests) have been paid to private bankers through the Federal Reserve Bank. This Federal Reserve Bank is actually a private bank, not a wholly owned branch of the US Government. There is no ground for using a private FRB and pay it billions of dollars every year.

1. USA need no one to back their newly printed dollars.

fiatmoneyc60.jpgFigure: Fiat money relies only on the taxation power of its issuing government for its backing.

The said payment cannot be said for supporting (underwriting) the issuing of new US dollar notes. Indeed, the government of USA is a money sovereign. It can print as much fiat money as it likes (and bear the consequences). Its fiat money has value to Americans because Americans have to use it…

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The Wrinkles of the City

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Fina Espino Photography


The Wrinkles of the City – La Havana 2012

By JR and José Parlá

The image above is one of 25 portraits of senior citizens taken by artistsJR and José Parlá during 2012. This particular image, the portrait of Leda Antonia Machado, is one of my favorites from the series. Through this collaboration, the artists created public art mural installations throughout the city that depict the stories of some of the ordinary senior citizens living in the city.

The artistswere able to install images that were very different from thepolitical propaganda commonly displayed throughout Havana. The portraits are an example of how art can have an effect on the masses. These images were able to bring the community together and got them to share their stories. It was very interesting to see the different reactions as the portraits were being created. While most of the reactions were positive, there was…

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The Wizard Sea

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Friendly Fairy Tales


This gray day, I find myself at sea, as I read Herman Melville’s poetry. In his life, he suffered the fears and disappointments of writing for a living. The fickle nature of the sea symbolized his readers, who loved Moby Dick, but deserted him with their indifference to his later works, including stirring civil war poetry.

Here is an excerpt from his poem, The Haglets, that speaks to my fairy-tale-loving heart:

Imbedded deep with shells
And drifted treasure deep,
Forever he sinks deeper in
Unfathomable sleep —
His cannon round him thrown,
His sailors at his feet,
Where never haglets beat.

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Ex silentio

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“… every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings!”

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