revolution of flowers

Fabulous post and fabulous words as always … Ian ⭐️

When Your Feet are Draggin’

Just love these posts and something really magical about forests and tress …. Ian ⭐️

Friendly Fairy Tales


“When your feet are draggin’
and your knees are sagging’
and you don’t know what to do
a little jive is good for you!

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Life is a journey, from Allah and to Allah..&.. Hayat bir yolculuktur, Allah’tan & Allah’a.

Fabulous post as always Semra have a good year lots of hugs and love Ian 🌹X



 No matter what else you lose, never lose Allah. Allah can replace everything but nothing can replace Allah.

Neyi kaybedersen kaybet, ama Allah’ı kaybetme. Allah herşeyin yerini doldurur ama hiçbirşey Allah’ın yerini dolduramaz.


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On Point by L. Martel

Fabulous Leslie just so lithe and so fluid … ⭐️


To continue on the subject of dance, this is a 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas called On Point. Ballet is a a tradition in our family. I started ballet when I was four years old as did our two daughters. There is something about the grace of ballet that inspires artists. I have done some other paintings of ballerinas but they are of my daughters and are private. This young girl is a bit older and has begun to do point. The characteristic pink ballet slippers with the insert in the toes of the shoes so she can stand on her toes. It is a tradition. My style is beginning to change in this painting and there is a surrealistic feel to it.


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