Fabulous post Jinx X and perfect for the snowy day in the UK our first fall last night hope your in front of a 🔥 and lovely and cosy not out in the ☃ keep well and lots of warm hugs Ian X



VIRGIN SNOWGOTHIC_goth_style_goth_loli_women_girl_winter_snow_mood_witch______f_2560x1600As the virgin snow falls from the sky untouched unwalked upon fill a bowl with the fresh falling snow bring the full of snow bowl in the house into the kitchen ~ sit the bowl down in the kitchen sink to melt ~ once melted from snow to water pour it into a clear glass bottle lid it tightly and use it for your SpellWork

SNOW WHITE MAGICKwinter_snow_witch_ocult_dark_flakes_snowflake_babe_look_mood_1920x12001 shot glass of fresh snow
1 sprig fresh rosemary
3 vanilla incense sticks
3 tea lights

light the incense
light the tea lights

place the shot glass of snow next to the tea lights

place the sprig of fresh rosemary next to the burning incense

it is all as pure and innocent as the driven snow

write for yourself words to bring into your soul a fresh pure beginning no matter where you have been…

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