The Stranger

Another winner and great writing … Ian ⭐️

Dark secrets

His eyes, light brown in a way they shine like a mirror under sunlight, eyelashes long and dark, so beautiful, so captivating! His nose, so shapely and perfect on his face! His lips, so inviting, rich, juicy, pink and perfect!, His smile , so breathtaking! His face , so beautifully structured, his complexion, so fair, yet his hair so dark, darker than the darkest night, so soft, wind flowing through them. Wind brushing against his skin and I getting jealous, when wind and not I, get the chance to touch him and caress him.

Saw him in a library one day, library!, a geek, just like me!  The stranger, reading “A Walk To Remember” It really was like a book recommending a person. He would smile occasionally, and I would start drooling! His hand, his arms, big and strong, his 6 foot large frame seemed perfect for me. I imagined…

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