a little Noir

Always knew there was that great writer in you … Happy New Year 2017 to you and yours now and always … Ian ⭐️

House of Heart

We have been driving for hours. The relentless tedium   transforms monotony into a restless frenzy of short-tempered barbs and endless cigarettes lit one  from the other.  Pulling off the freeway, his  eyes are red spheres piercing the  slippery ribbon of highway, squinting  through streams of rain that slip around the wipers and drift into  his periphery, metronomes swinging from the rear view mirror to the road ahead.

Searching the dial for swing all  I retrieve is jazz,  giving up I listen to “Cottontail”, settle back  with my feet on the dashboard. He adjusts his  fedora , relieving his eyes with the godsend of legs propped  to the right of him.  I smile knowingly and look away, deliberately hiking  the hem of my skirt. He allows himself the luxury of a brief fantasy, quietly marveling at graceful arches and cattail limbs while I soothe myself with thoughts of  my take of…

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