The Stranger

Another winner and great writing … Ian ⭐️

a little Noir

Always knew there was that great writer in you … Happy New Year 2017 to you and yours now and always … Ian ⭐️


Fabulous and a Happy New Year 2017 to you and yours … I agree with the winters in UK if we have a a hard frost we can’t cope … the coldest l have known here is -14 but so far this year -6 nothing compared to yours … Can feel the warmth in the painting .. Ian ⭐️


There is a great French Canadian artist who wrote the song “Mon Pay” (“My Country” in French). His lyrics stuck in my mind when I painted this picture. “Mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver” (My country isn’t a country it is the winter). In Canada our winters can be long, cold and hard to endure. But in that cold our resolve is tempered like steel is with heat. This is a 16″ x 12″ oil on canvas board painted in 1976.


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