Life’s a bitch. Period.

Just perfect for Friends News … Ian

Dark secrets

I look at myself in the mirror and I see a girl staring back. She’s full of life, full of colors and vigour, and has this great passion about life. I see her, wanting everything this life has to offer, every possible little reward life can give, she wants to achieve every fucking thing, and when she smiles, her eyes shine brighter than the brightest star. She loves to laugh, travel, love, enjoy, chill with her friends, she’s always up for parties, always!!! She’s always cheerful, always trying to make others happy too. She loves life.

I look at my reflection on the surface of water. I see myself , with tears streaming down my cheeks, my eyes welled up, dark circles around my eyes, and messed up hair. I am wearing dirty clothes, I haven’t combed in two days, I see myself. I see a broken, vulnerable, weak girl…

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