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Snowflakes are White

This is fabulous and perfect as it hits the right note and a ♥️string this festive time of the year … Be blessed and loved always Brenda … Ian ⭐️🎄

Friendly Fairy Tales

Red Rose leaves against a snowy lawn

Roses are red,
snowflakes are white.
The first snowflake,
like a crystal kite,
dances and drifts
in silver sunlight.

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What is happening in the lands where Muslims live?! What’s the reason of this unrest? Where is the world heading towards? & Müslümanların yaşadığı topraklarda ne olup bitiyor! Bu kargaşalar neden? Nereye gidiyor bu dünya?

The world is changing kind Semra as the forces of darkness will soon build to a point when the forces of light will be ready to defeat them when God and his angels are ready … And in 2020 they will prevail … 🙏then a 1000 years of peace will reign on earth … Hope that people learn that wanting everything led to their own downfall in the end … Ian Be Blessed Always Now and Forever in the Light of the Word .. My sister 🎄⭐️


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And on my wish list is …. X 💕


Love this one Jinx X really ❤️ warming and makes the 🔥 glow in my ❤️ lots of #Christmas hugs and love darling X lan 🎄☃🎁


Thanks for the visit Justin and love this post perfect for friends to share on news .. Agree we change over a few years my news changed and my view of life changed in tandem … Love the post … Ian ⭐️😊🎄👍

Justin Alcala Writes

People argue that we don’t change, but let’s face it, we do. We change in the small ways- what we choose to eat, our fashion sense, what we read. We change in the big ways- our approach to resolving problems, faith and how we perceive the world. It’s a never ending cycle. And, while our loud and stubborn habits tend to steal the spotlight, there are dozens of small and wonderful changes that happen to us daily.

The same can be said for writing. Countless authors’ styles, subjects and inspirations have leapt around like jackrabbits. Iain (M.) Banks moved from mainstream fiction to science fiction and back again. Ian Fleming transitioned from spy novels to classic children’s picture books. Some authors’ changes have even revolutionized literature. Hemingway modernized today’s approach to book description by emphasizing direct, unadorned prose while William Faulkner shook the Earth by transitioning classic suggestive introspection into…

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How to Make Snowball Cookies

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Artsy Teen


So I’m not going to lie, I’ve been wanting to share this recipe with you guys for months but have been patiently waiting for it to be socially acceptable to post Christmas recipes (which according to my mother would be the 1st of August)! Anyways, now that I’ve heard every single Christmas song ever written being played about a hundred times over in the last week, I figured it’s a perfectly acceptable time for making snowball cookies.

Personally, there’s nothing I love more on a cold winter’s day (or any day, really – weather’s pretty irrelevant) than to snuggle up in bed, briefly consider the possibility of being productive and ultimately end up just eating cookies for a couple of hours. And what with Christmas break coming up, I thought I’d spread some Christmas cheer and encourage you all to do the same 🙂 – because I’m such a great influence…

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