Bulb Manipulation

Really nice Happy Christmas 🎄


bulb Manipulation.jpg

I created this bulb manipulation using photoshop. Titanic, the beauty is within the unsinkable ship!

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Sounds perfect like you just right for Happy Holidays 🍸♥️🍸for later 🍾

Snowflakes are White

This is fabulous and perfect as it hits the right note and a ♥️string this festive time of the year … Be blessed and loved always Brenda … Ian ⭐️🎄

Friendly Fairy Tales

Red Rose leaves against a snowy lawn

Roses are red,
snowflakes are white.
The first snowflake,
like a crystal kite,
dances and drifts
in silver sunlight.

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What is happening in the lands where Muslims live?! What’s the reason of this unrest? Where is the world heading towards? & Müslümanların yaşadığı topraklarda ne olup bitiyor! Bu kargaşalar neden? Nereye gidiyor bu dünya?

The world is changing kind Semra as the forces of darkness will soon build to a point when the forces of light will be ready to defeat them when God and his angels are ready … And in 2020 they will prevail … 🙏then a 1000 years of peace will reign on earth … Hope that people learn that wanting everything led to their own downfall in the end … Ian Be Blessed Always Now and Forever in the Light of the Word .. My sister 🎄⭐️


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