It’s not in the municipality diary

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Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

I wrote a letter to our politicians about the new big road they want to build for hunderty billions of money that we don’t have and we don’t need the road either. You can read the letter here:

I (or maybe most Google translate) translated it to English, so you don’t have to know Swedish to read it.

We have a openness principle protected by law in Sweden. That means that everything that’s been sent to the municipality should be in the diary.

Do you think my letter is in the diary? It’s a letter full of criticism but not an angry letter or a letter full of threats. It’s simply a letter to the politicians saying that they should rethink their plans because of plain facts showing the madness in proceeding the project.

So I ask again, do you think it’s in the diary? It should be, there’s…

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