Apple Manipulation

Fabulous post as always and such fun … Ian 🎄☃


Apple Manipulation.jpg

I created this effect in photoshop.

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Gingerbread Solstice

Fabulous sweet and Chrismassy surprise and all that gorgeous gingerbread … Great post as always Brenda … ⭐️🎄😊☃

Friendly Fairy Tales


gingerbread scent
December torment

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This is a fabulous post Leslie and just love the depth of understanding in the mother that the West has lost in favour of a possession orientated world … We need to go back to go forward so our children have a world of wisdom not profit first and people last … Ian ⭐️🎄


This is a 20″x 24″ oil on canvas painted in 1983, of a very noble looking grandmother with her granddaughter. I see the strength and wisdom in her eyes. She is the driving force behind her granddaughter. The granddaughter looks happy, loved and protected by this bond with her grandmother.                                                                                                                           My grandmother had a huge impact on my life and that is something I wish to pass along to my grandchildren.


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It’s not in the municipality diary

Nice post Anna shared with friends on here … To spread the word … Ian 🎄😊👍⭐️

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

I wrote a letter to our politicians about the new big road they want to build for hunderty billions of money that we don’t have and we don’t need the road either. You can read the letter here:

I (or maybe most Google translate) translated it to English, so you don’t have to know Swedish to read it.

We have a openness principle protected by law in Sweden. That means that everything that’s been sent to the municipality should be in the diary.

Do you think my letter is in the diary? It’s a letter full of criticism but not an angry letter or a letter full of threats. It’s simply a letter to the politicians saying that they should rethink their plans because of plain facts showing the madness in proceeding the project.

So I ask again, do you think it’s in the diary? It should be, there’s…

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Pensée du jour

Absolutely … If everyone everyday had a thought for someone else instead of themselves it would be a much better world … Ian 🎄😊👍

Ma vie au présent simple

Belle journée à tous!

Pensez à être remerciant envers toutes ces petites choses qui font votre quotidien 🙂

Des bisouilles tout l’monde

Clem ❤

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