I missed it!

Great post Kristen … Just love these types of views … Ian ⭐️😊🎄


I missed the third and final super-moon of 2016 on Tuesday. Well, when I say missed it, I did see it from my backyard and muttered to myself “Wow check out the moon. It looks better than the supposed super-moon in November”.

I did take a few shots of the clouds passing it last night (better late than never) but disappointed I didn’t do my homework better and catch it on Tuesday.  Who knew there was a 3rd phase?


This photograph below is a-la-natural.

Moon A

Now I have cooled down the temperature, pumped up the exposure, twitched up the highlights, lighted up the shadows and black.

Moon B

This photograph I have increased exposure and cropped.


This shot I have warmed up the temperature, increased exposure and highlights, lightened shadows and cropped then chucked a WP frame around it. I like this one.


I found this great video put together to “Dark Side of the Moon”…

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