“Breaking Bad” in-depth analysis. It’s just G.

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Breaking Bad is one of the greatest American tragedies to ever have been written. A well-done tragedy rationality conquers ideas, it depicts a story where the thing that logically would happen does. The reasoning behind a well-done tragedy having this occur is due to the hero of the story having a damning flaw. This brings us to Walter White and his darker persona, Heisenberg. Is the reasoning behind Walt’s initial choice of cooking meth due to desperation or was it something more? Something more personal, like being bought out of a company he founded, a company that went out to become worth billions of dollars. He sold his share for $5,000. It is evident that this decision left Walt filled with hate. It was not just the money though either. Walt had a personal relationship with Gretchen Schwartz, as well as a professional one. The personal relationship failing is more…

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