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I am a grandmother and I take this role in life seriously. The impact that one generation can have on another is profound. This is a 20″x 24″ oil on canvas painted in 1982 of an North American Native Indian with his grandson. I was striving for the strength and love that the older gerneration has for their grandchildren. The grandfather looks strong yet gentle and kind and his affection for his grandson in evident. The child looks full of anticipation, yet there is some hesitation in his look too.
When I  think of our Indigenous people I think about the wisdom and insight of their culture. Their efforts to protect the scared sites from the pipelines was supported by military veterans. If I was able to, I would be there protesting with them.

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Frosty Hats

Don’t you just love winters frost … And l just love the post nice Brenda … ☃

Friendly Fairy Tales

Faded pink roses covered in frost

pink cottage roses
frosty hats at rakish angles
sporting the first frost

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Winter has skated into town on frozen sidewalks, catching some late blooms off guard. They are rising to the occasion, though. I hope you’re having a magical week.

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You make me Brave

Thanks for visit and follow – This post is so true of many people’s lives including my own … Brought up in a strict Victorian family type environment and trying to please a man who was my dad was fearful to say the least … Stopping my mother being hit at 6-years of age makes you either brave or stupid I was both but became a hard man outside and scared inside … I learned as you said fear controls your life until as I found eventually … Feel the fear and do it anyway works … As no longer do you eventually run and hide inside yourself … Great post shared on my specially built friends and followers site … Thanks … Ian 😊⭐️🎄