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Each wood you burn for your Yule Log releases its own kind of Magick

ASH: protection/health

ASPEN: understanding

BIRCH: new beginnings

HOLLY: inspires

OAK: wisdom/healing/strength

PINE: prosperity/growth

WILLOW: desire


Set up your Yule Log and light it

Sit quietly by the light of the fire

As the Yule Log begins to burn feel its warmth in your heart

Let your soul be bright

Your mind relaxed

Toss into the flame a sprig or 2 of dried holly ~ juniper berries or mistletoe junipertwigberriesAs the Yule Log starts to blaze the power of possibilities become clear

On a slip of paper write a bad habit or something you want to change or banish from yourself or your life for the up coming New Year

Fold the paper 3x and with what you wrote on that slip of paper in your mind toss it into the…

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