Deception Bay

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Deception Bay in the Caboolture Shire, Queensland, Australia, lies approximately 30 kilometres north of Brisbane  It is called Deception Bay because when discovered by Lieutenant John Oxley in 1823, he thought the bay was a river because of its unusual shallowness.

At low tide, you can find the two unusual baths that have been excavated out of bed rock. Named Bancroft Bath No1 and No2, created in the late 1800s by a local resident Joseph Bancroft as a type of hydrotherapy unit, for his sick wife to bathe in the salt water. (ref)

Deception Bay

Dr Joseph Bancroft was a pioneer in experimenting in native plants for their health properties and through his meatworks, the preservation of meat, fish and vegetables.

The area was once large parcels of land supporting dairying and farming and while some large blocks remain today, most have been subdivided providing housing for a growing community. (ref)


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Seek God.

Totally agree but more difficult for some than others faith is a state of mind and many times people cannot find God in their lives as he seems hidden from site … I learned he is in the ❤️ not the mind as its how you feel not what you hear … Ian 😊

Try to get it!

“Even if things seem bad at the moment, still give praise to God.” ~ ?
Happy moments Praise God, Difficult moments Seek God, Quiet moments Worship God, Painful moments Trust God, Every moment Thank God!


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Ella había desaparecido

ante sus ojos,

en la inmensidad del mar.

Él compró un barco

y navegó por sus recuerdos

mojando su alma en cada gota,

buceando en las mareas de sal,

escribiendo su nombre en cada ola.

Ella nunca regresó;

él…, tampoco.

captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-23-a-las-17-56-05 Google Images

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winter companion

Fabulously poignant as with all your writing be warm and be safe now and always … Ian


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