Joyeux Noël

Fabulous Clem … Beautiful post from a Beautiful person .. Ian ⭐️😊🎄

Ma vie au présent simple

Coucou tout l’monde!

Je vous souhaite à tous de passer une merveilleuse fête de Noël

Ici, les microbes font des ravages et nous seront en tout petit comité mais le coeur reste à la fête.

J’espere que chez vous tout va bien

Des bises à tous

A très vite

Clem ❤

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Coming down to earth and walking with a smile lovely post … Ian X 👠👠



As long as anyone can remember humanity has had beliefs in a higher power through the use of magick ~ spells ~ curses ~ cures ~ incantations ~ remedies that have been preserved across many different cultures

Grimoires were then developed over the centuries which became the books of choice for secrets societies

Writing down ones magick did vary in style some written down in tiny pocket notebooks others in hugh ledgers and those who wrote their secrets upon odd scraps of paper

Many preserved and available
Many burned upon administering the cure

To begin this journey here are a few homemade remedies that will provide a fascinating window into the Magick of the Olde

SALT FOOT BATH408253The Ancients used this foot bath to sooth tired and swollen feet

This foot bath is quick and a sure way to relax and re-energize your feet

1/2 cup…

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Storia illustrata

Merry Christmas … 🎄


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🎁Happy Christmas🎁


Thanks for visit and shared your great post with friends on here … Ian 🎄

I am Lovely and Lonely and I Belong Deeply To Myself

Do not say

I love you

For I do not

Believe in love
Do not promise


Forever does not exist
You say

You will give me

The moon and stars

But they are not

Yours to give
You say

I make you happy

But how can that be

I can’t even make

Me happy
You and I

Are impossible

You deserve better

Than me
I wish for you

Love and happy endings

Someone to whisper

I love you

Forever to share

The moon and stars with


To make each other

I need your promise

To unlove me

To be happy

Without me


The moon and stars

Remind me of you

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Instant câlin 

What a beautiful post Clem and Happy Christmas .. Ian 🎄

Ma vie au présent simple

Des câlins, des câlins et encore des câlins… pauvre Mickey, que de souffrance pour un si petit chat 😻Bisous les chamis! 😘😘😘


#chatonendetresse 😂😂😂

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Bulb Manipulation

Really nice Happy Christmas 🎄


bulb Manipulation.jpg

I created this bulb manipulation using photoshop. Titanic, the beauty is within the unsinkable ship!

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