Just ❤️ this Jinx X fabulous and gingerbread house yum yum and a fantastic and wonderful post … Make more … xoxo ⭐️😍


replacewallpapers_305_36_20141210_2075293213A sweet tooth lures the GingerBread victims

The smells of cinnamon and nutmeg that surround the house gives us that holiday warmth seeping out of the oven

A charming village created out of my own need for serenity and happiness with the help of some of Santa’s elves together an architecture of ornaments is erected

Gum Drops

Candy Canes
Cinnamon Sticks

Confectioners Sugar to mimic snow
3 Secret Ingredients

a touch of Imagination
a bit of Creativity

a dash of protection thrown in for good measure
a pinch of magick too!

and a great deal of Patience pulls it all together

Taking the time to make me a happy soul to stir up a whole lot of Christmas Magick

Helps me to get into that fun and much needed Holiday Spiritchristmas_gingerbread_2-wallpaper-1920x1200MONDAY I ate the ceiling
TUESDAY I ate the door

WEDNESDAY I ate the windows

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