The Winter Comes

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My love for him disappears into the ground of the cold earth
That these late months is lashed by the striking rain
And the sharp November wind.
After the last burst of color in autumn, the leaves thinned,
Commences in tandem this bitter season with the season of my own cruel
I cling to the last moments of tranquil light and the colors and even the sounds cloy—
As they pass, even I am surprised by the paucity of my own joy.

I prepare in some measure for the stinging depths of the cold
And defensively pull myself in towards myself but the frigid nights are far longer than even
I was told.
But I am composed and remain poised with great equanimity and ever
Ever controlled.
Yes, with peerless sangfroid I feel the coming frost silent and I silent with it as it burns black
Through my…

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