Beautiful .. Really beautiful … Just like the writer ….💕🌹Ian X


bokeh_trees_lights_holidays_sparkle_roads_macro_close_up_cities_architecture_buildings_mood_1920x1200Keep yourself filled with that Light to protect yourself from negative energy

The Light which will protect your health joy and well being

A Light that will help you heal…

Today I want to spread a little light your way

Maybe today you are feeling a bit low and maybe feeling like you cannot do what you need to do or feel like too many people are throwing their expectations of you at you

Just take a little light from wherever you can take it from

Mentally open wide the doors of your spiritual heart

It’s colorless…stretching in all directions into Eternity

Light pouring down around you bathing you completely in Light

Every level of your consciousness is illuminated with this Divine Light

Be receptive to the Light and accept it

Light streams forth
Moving high into the sky
You will then create your own gracebeauty_lights_christmas_tree_blur_background_1440x960LIGHT OF MIND: means…

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