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Send a Little Love My Way by Polanaked via Creative Commons v.2.0THANKSGIVING SPELL

This Spell is cast upon Thanksgiving and it’s intention is to bring about a welcome change to another’s persons life to selflessly wish love and peace towards them

A Spell that is solely for their benefit

I ask that the negativity in their life turns around and that they find someone special to love them unconditionally for the rest of their life

To find a more peaceful situation in their life and as time goes on this peaceful feeling spreads to their heart to their soul to fill their entire being


1 gold candle
1 sweet treat

Place the candle and sweet treat next to each other on a table after you have wrapped the sweet treat in some very fancy wrappings

As you light the candle with that person in mind picture a peaceful place for that person to be in

Close your eyes and visualize…

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