Geen zin om buiten te komen.

Who knows (1)?

Nice one Doru love the use of black and white with hint of colour .. Ian 😊


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the euphoria of winter

Fabulous post as always deep and meaningful for the time of year … Keep well … Ian


My dear friend Andrew, Sorry to hear of your trials and problems within health of you and family, but it’s a real pleasure, no a joy to read another of your great writings and can only .. Trials and Tribulations are sent to test use not for now but for the future alas .. So be strong of ♥️and love will shine through as you travel on your path of life … Be well my friend in my 🙏now and always for you and your family too .. God Bless … Ian PS Need to talk … Always here .. Your a ⭐️in my book of life .. Amen ..Ian

The Lonely Author


Let’s see if I can kick start this blog again.  This post seems like an appropriate reminder for this time of year.  We have much to be grateful for.


They buried Jessie’s older brother today

he just finished turning five

she never had a toy, tv, or internet

yet she’s grateful to be alive

her brother taught her one through ten

by counting her fragile ribs

now she smiles when her stomach growls

as Mama feeds the newborn in the crib

Jessie runs barefoot down a dirt road

in a tattered dress of white

with baby fed, Mama has only one concern

will Jessie eat tonight

According to the United Nations World Food Programme statistics, approximately 3.1 million children under the age of five die each year from hunger or poor nutrition.

Hola everybody.  Hope all of you are well.

It has been several weeks since I stopped by…

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Thanks for visits and likes and totally agree having worked in caring industry it’s the ♥️that you give and the little things in life 👍like a kind word that means more than money … I was once told money can’t buy you love but love can provide your family with all they will ever need … Ian


Mutluluk sizce de küçük şeyler de değil mi ..?

Happiness is in little things…

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Sketch of the day no 1000 in my moleskine art journal: Asian Palm Civet. 

Thanks for visit and great post as always perfect for friends news … Ian 👍

Asian Palm Civet or Luwak
Today is a big number day!!!! Thank you to my mentor for setting me on this challenge. It has been an incredibly amazing journey for me. I have made many new friends along the way who have encouraged me to keep going. I am grateful to you. ❤️💕❤️

Things that go bump in the night. Sketch of the day no 1000 in my moleskine art journal is of an Asian Palm Civet that lives in my attic. 🐱

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