Good morning no here’s ☕️hope your weekend was good and you did something wonderful … This is my type of post encompassing Truth and Wisdom but as you already know you can only find wisdom in truth .. Speak soon my lady of the spells ..💕X


cross_rocks_stones_religion_church_cathedral_2560x1600SPELL FOR WISDOM AND TRUTH

This Spell will help you find the happiness that comes from gaining Wisdom and knowing the Truth

As we are nearing a New Moon…

On the first Sunday after the New Moon go outdoors and inscribe a small circle in the Earth with a tree twig

In the center of the circle inscribe a triangle with one eye in the middle of the triangle

Let’s think of that eye as the eye that sees through to the truth

Place a small gold candle on top of the symbol and arrange 9 apple seeds around the circle


let now wisdom and truth be my guide
follow me and bless me all the days of my life

After the candle has burned out place the apple seeds in a small pouch and carry it with you as truth and wisdom shall follow


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