George Washington and the Giants 👾😈

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Mithai Mumblezz

Recently I read a very interesting bit of information,

George Washington, the first and one of the greatest Presidents of America, believed in Giants.That once upon a time there were giant human beings, tall as 4 storeyed buildings, who roamed the Earth.

But it’s not at all surprising. Every person living in the 1700s believed in giants.

Because, the huge skeletons of dinosaurs, estimated to be about 30-40 feet,discovered in the 1600s, were misinterpreted as Giant Humans who used to once live in the Earth.

It wasn’t until 1842 that Sir Richard Owen classified the skeletons as ‘Dinosauria‘ meaning bad reptile, long after George Washington’s death.

That makes me wonder…….what implications can it have on a society in general…… the belief in Giants??
Did they live in constant fear of the Giants returning once again?

Did it give materiality to Superstition?? Did it in anyway…

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Spilt Wine

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Christina Strigas

Start the night with wine

in my hair, on my dress,

in my stockings

brand new shoes

bare shoulder

and a few broken

apologies. I saw it

coming too,

and just watched it.

Kind of like life

that was yesterday.


now another bar

another jazz singer

singing the blues

under copper tiled ceilings

and feathers in her hair

you’d think it was suddenly

1920 art deco Paris.

But no,

it’s the house of Jazz

in Laval, Quebec.

Hanging with the girls

who sold my life away.

Cosmos and red chandeliers

blue bottine in the vitrine

and it’s a wonderful world

in here.

The only thing missing is you

with me.

It makes me cry

you’ll never see

what I see.

Not even pictures

do it justice.

Rita called me

she’ll be 20

minutes late,

god damn Montreal traffic.

It’s fine.

I’ll order another Cosmo

write a poem.

Listen to…

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