How daylight savings time affects children

Great post and never thought about affect on children until now my friends on here will enjoy this post … Ian 😀

Small Steps To A Long Life

There is an old saying “fall backward”, “spring forward” meaning in the Fall we set our clocks backwards an hour gaining an extra hour of rest and in the Spring we set them one hour ahead therefore losing that hour of rest. Sounds confusing, imagine how our bodies are feeling and for children it can be even more taxing. Setting the clock backwards marks the end of daylight savings time, and so that you can rest a little easier I’ll share some tips with you on how to get through this.


Adjust the time that your child wakes up and goes to bed, making it later, you don’t want them to go to bed too early because they will in turn wake up early. This will throw theirsleep pattern off. 20161104_230356.jpg

The end of daylight savings time means that it will get dark earlier, so it’s important to make sure…

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