Just ❤️ this Jinx X fabulous and gingerbread house yum yum and a fantastic and wonderful post … Make more … xoxo ⭐️😍


replacewallpapers_305_36_20141210_2075293213A sweet tooth lures the GingerBread victims

The smells of cinnamon and nutmeg that surround the house gives us that holiday warmth seeping out of the oven

A charming village created out of my own need for serenity and happiness with the help of some of Santa’s elves together an architecture of ornaments is erected

Gum Drops

Candy Canes
Cinnamon Sticks

Confectioners Sugar to mimic snow
3 Secret Ingredients

a touch of Imagination
a bit of Creativity

a dash of protection thrown in for good measure
a pinch of magick too!

and a great deal of Patience pulls it all together

Taking the time to make me a happy soul to stir up a whole lot of Christmas Magick

Helps me to get into that fun and much needed Holiday Spiritchristmas_gingerbread_2-wallpaper-1920x1200MONDAY I ate the ceiling
TUESDAY I ate the door

WEDNESDAY I ate the windows

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The Winter Comes

Beautiful words and beautifully written .. Perfect for friends news Thanks for visit … Ian ⭐️😊

My love for him disappears into the ground of the cold earth
That these late months is lashed by the striking rain
And the sharp November wind.
After the last burst of color in autumn, the leaves thinned,
Commences in tandem this bitter season with the season of my own cruel
I cling to the last moments of tranquil light and the colors and even the sounds cloy—
As they pass, even I am surprised by the paucity of my own joy.

I prepare in some measure for the stinging depths of the cold
And defensively pull myself in towards myself but the frigid nights are far longer than even
I was told.
But I am composed and remain poised with great equanimity and ever
Ever controlled.
Yes, with peerless sangfroid I feel the coming frost silent and I silent with it as it burns black
Through my…

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She-who never cried

The mind never sleeps as both pain and gain fight to get the upper hand … Ian 👍

Life is all about PAIN

The sky fell upon her heart

The earth stood on her head

The only black-lights she saw

She- who never cried !

Her feet-s ached as she walked

Her ways turned cold and fogged

Her heart was a block of ice

She- who never cried !

The sun she dream-t of far away

A lost girl , didn’t find her way

she roamed inside the in-finite dreams

She-who never cried !

She counted her loved ones, so far

In sun , In moon and in the star

She was as lonely as the dark-nights

Just Cried-seeing you hurt !!!

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Leaf Scuffing

Beautiful words .. Beautifully written … Beautiful time of the year Autumn … 🍂🍁…Ian

Friendly Fairy Tales

Heart-shaped green Catalpa leaf with other leaves

My dragging feet find
note cards from the multi-verse
with its stanzas of seasons,
rhyming couplets of colors,

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Success Quote

Nice quote and thanks for visits and likes … Added this to friends news to share … My thoughts take me back to a quote .. You cannot truly know a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes … Have a good day .. Ian 😊



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Nice … 👍



I created this logo in Illustrator.

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Luna del pavo real, tangos en El Argentino, testeos tonificantes


Luna del pavo realEn el período comprendido entre el 15 de noviembre y el 12 de diciembre se despliega en la cosmología maya la luna del pavo real. Este tótem era muy importante para el antiguo pueblo, puesto que sólo tenía derecho a contar con el obsequio de un pavo real aquel que había logrado domar al indómito ego.

De ahí que el tiempo de luna del pavo real resulte propicio para conectar con lo esencial y buscar en el interior el potencial creador que no se sustenta en falsas expectativas, sino en la seguridad que procede de una autoestima que ha dejado de lado soberbia y certezas vanas.

En realidad, el poder que sustenta el proceso evolutivo personal se encuentra desde siempre en el interior profundo de cada ser: cada persona ha de transmutar en lo que ya es. Pero la pátina construída por la sombra oscurece la luz y es necesario…

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