Pretty Girl Unloved

Andrew l must have missed this one and l would not be able to forgive myself for not getting to read this fantastic work it hits my ❤️ as all your words from you and the chimp always do … Be well and same to your family as always … Ian A real 🌟 that’s what you are my friend …

The Lonely Author

The_Last_LeafPretty Girl Unloved

She was the last leaf on a dying tree
Hanging from a barren branch
Too frightened to be free
Unloving winds made her rock and sway
Disconnected from her twig
She was forever castaway

Unwanted and unnoticed she fell in dirt
She remained all alone there
With no one to cure her hurt
Dying in shadows with no sun above
She lay in the cold forever
Pretty girl unloved

Due to my crazy week this was another reblog.  Will be catching up with blogs and comments today.  Expect to get back to my regular schedule next week.

Have a great weekend.  Be happy. Be well.

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Storia illustrata

Nice post Doru 🙏


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Nature’s Fury by L. Martel

Nature’s Fury by L. Martel
// swo8

We’ve had a lot of fires this year and seems to be a regular occurrence. When we lived in the northern regions of Canada we soon learned that there were often benefits to those wild fires. The blueberries would be extra plentiful for the next few years. This is an 8″ x 10″ acrylic on canvas painted this year (2016) called Natures Fury.


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