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Working with a Black Candle is very powerful it is one of the most protective colors you can use for your SpellWork

A Black Candle can be used to bring a Spirit back to Earth

Used in various ways to uncover secrets


It will help you to find the light within the darkness

It stabalizes negativity

Awakens greater responsibility in your practice

A Black Candle can be lit to unleash havoc and chaos

And it is traditional to use and light Black Candles for each of the dead you remember during your Ritual at Halloween and Samhain

An Incense that is used to raise the Spirits is a blend of equal parts of


Mixed well together and burned with your symbolic words to connect you with the Spirit

Keep in mind when summoning the dead other souls may hear your call make sure you let those souls know they are not welcomed

Only the Spirit that you call by name may enter your Ritual area or Circle

Summoning a Spirit back to Earth from the dead of their realm may take some time and calling out many times with a few minutes break in between chantsgothic cross-1Be patient

It will also greatly help to have a few treasured items that belonged to the Spirit or favorite foods to entice the Spirit to come

Then the scent of flowers filled the air

A cool wind touched my face I knew the Spirit heard my calls and had arrived

As the candles flame twitched erratically I could sense the dead had entered the room

Once the Spirit you have summoned arrives take care of business talk about what you want

Be brief then say farewell and send the Spirit back

…be unafraid of shadows dark and to the sound of their rusty whispers…


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