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Featured Image -- 53303At the edge I stood with the feel of the earth under my feet crumbling into stardust

Everyone around me terrified me all those who were nothing more that a mere 65% water

The night sky use to feel like home now as I look up its a distant dark emotion of mine that hides my innocence as well as my chaos

I tried to breath deeply to relieve myself of this choking that left me with some very strange thoughts in my way of thinking

I was down to my last 2%

My resistance was low the temptation of this elixir was a wild escape for me

And the Green Fairy that lives in this bottle of Absinthe wanted my soulFairy In The BottleI didn’t want to go over the edge I just wanted to see all the things I could not see while I was standing in the middle

She was the aphrodisiac of myself a heart made of distilled stars so pure that it sometimes got lost in itself a mind as salty as the sea that washed up on different shores in desparate need of adventure and my passion that for years I hid from those who truly taught me how to love and be loved

Was I lost or was I finally beginning to learn

…just one more sip so I can find myself once again…💚


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