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We are now in the Dark of the Moon which are the few days before the New Moon begins

For those that are aware the Moon is the door to the chamber of the UnderWorld

When the Moon is Full that door is closed


When the Moon goes Dark the door to the UnderWorld opens up to us to make it a perfect time to summon Spirits of both the Good or the Evil Realm or for Ancestor Worship

By starlight pale the nights of the Dark Moon becomes enchanted

A time to harvest those Olde Souls that have crossed over

Widdershins a Circle of Salt a deep Circle with alot of Salt

Just remember…if you choose to summon the Spirits…protect yourself well

The door is open and you just never know who will come through

Wear a protective piece of Silver such as a ring ~ amulet ~ necklace

And guard your circle well…

As we celebrate the darkness of the night

Anoint yourself with Oil Jasmine ~ Lavender ~ Rose or what you have in your Magickal Tool Box

Dap a bit on your forehead ~ heart ~ wrists ~ back of knees and neck

As you explore your Darkest of Passions

Black Candles will light the way for the Spirits you summon to find you

Breathe in the Darkness
Cover yourself in the Dark
Search you own SoulPentagram-1Now begin your Prayer and Magick

Some of the Olde ways scare the Modern Day Witches but once you start and in time they will begin to feel normal to you and your fear of the Dark Night and the Spirits it attracts will dissipate


Witches use a poisonous plant named Henbane to summon those Souls that wander hopelessly besides the River Styx

Those Souls have been cast into Hell

With your hands covered in gloves and the Henbane completely dried out crumble some together to burn as incense

Place the crumbled Henbane in censors place 9 of them around the outside of your well salted circle and light the incense

Call upon who you choose to summon but do not invite them into your circle

When all the Henbane burns out on it’s own the Spirits will return back to their Hell on River Styx


To cause havoc and chaos in a room full of people or at a party

Place the Twitch’s Grass secretly under each leg of the table at which the group is seated

They will talk and eat as well as share a glass of cheer but soon…

Those seated at that table will surely begin to argue

As you will not seat yourself at that table you can sit back and watch the chaos


Carry a few in your pocket during this time of the Dark of the Moon to protect yourself of another’s strife or stress that they may want to cause you

You can also sprinkle Mustard Seeds around your home or place of business to keep the evil or any Black Magick Spells from attacking youPentagram-1…also during the Dark Moon is a good time for writers…writers of all type of words…the juices flow…so keep your journal by your side a few good spells may just enter your thoughts…

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