Mornings – what’s the healthiest to drink first?

Mornings – what’s the healthiest to drink first?
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There are early birds who have no bigger problems with waking up in the morning and there are night owls who struggle to keep their eyes opened after they wake up (that’s me).
No matter which one you are, there are some drinks which help you get through the morning in the healthiest way.



Let me start with this one, because it’s been six months since I last drank coffee🙂. (I’m very happy about it, because I could drink 1, 2 or even sometimes 3 cups of coffee during the day and I couldn’t imagine a day without coffee. Luckily, I stopped this addiction [wasn’t easy], but I had a lot of support from my significant other ❤ who doesn’t drink coffee at all so yes, I made it. Anything is possible if you really want it!🙂 ).

I replaced coffee with green tea, but in its most concentrated form which is matcha, where you drink the actual tea leaves (powder). It’s “loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, chlorophyll as well as other vitamins and nutrients.” Driking this tea, there are also great health benefits such as: it prevents cancer, promotes weight loss, benefits exercise performance, best food source of disease-fighting catechins, high levels of l-theanine for an alert calm, reduces heart disease risk and hypertension, lower type II diabetes risk and detoxifies the body.

Let me also tell you that I’m not drinking it alone (it doesn’t have the best taste on its own), but one huge coffee company (the one you can see at every corner, especially in big cities) has “green tea latte” and the way I’m doing it at home is just adding milk to it and voila, delicious and so healthy!


This drink is so common that I won’t write about it a lot. With coffee there are some health benefits (high in antioxidants, may protect the liver, aids physical activity, supports cognitive function), but there are also some risks (caffeine addiction, can alter mood and increase anxiety).

Kefir with flax seed

It’s the best thing for colon cleanse. In our intestines are toxins and waste which are very dangerous to our health, to get rid of them drinking kefir (benefits are: boosts immunity, heals inflammatory bowel disease, builds bone density, fights allergies, improves lactose digestion, kills candida and supports detoxification) with flax seed (high in fiber) is the way to do it. Mix 1 tbsp (or 1 tsp at the beginning) of grounded flax seed in about half glass of kefir and simply drink it.

Apple cider vinegar

Water, lemon and 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar (and honey if you like) will wake you up with its sourness (trust me on this one, haha). Anyway, there are many health benefits such as: it promotes digestion, enhances immune system, adjusts blood sugar, lowers high blood pressure, cleanses your body, aids weight loss, boosts energy, benefits your skin and improves oral health.

Lemon water

I tried this so many times, but couldn’t stick with it, but maybe you can, because it’s healthy as well to start your day with. Drinking water with lemon has benefits such as: it bumps up the vitamin C quotient, aids in digestion and detoxification, heals the body and rejuvenates skin, helps shed pounds and boots energy and mood.

These are my suggestions to start the day, do you have any others or maybe you start your day already with one of the above?🙂

I’d like to thank all my readers, because this week I achieved more than 1,600 likes and I have more than 800 followers and I have only 10 (with this one) posts so far, so thank you all so much!!! Thank you for all your kindness! 🙂

I would also like to thank my boyfriend who “gave me wings” to write, thank you my love! ❤☺

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