“Nifty,” he said. “Does it divide, or, multiply?”….

“Nifty,” he said. “Does it divide, or, multiply?”….
// gigoid


“Be *excellent* to each other.”

~~ Bill, or Ted, in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure ~~

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Idyllic Dreams

Hajime…. There is hope. Enough to warrant some cautious optimism, anyway. Rather than jinx any such positive outcome, I won’t speak of it, but, it needed to be acknowledged, if only to assuage my own angst. Also, to avoid any accusations of preferential treatment, I’ll go one step further, and deny it all if confronted. Will that do? I hope so, because it’s the best I’ve got.

Sad, eh? Oh, well. I’m still a bit surprised at being able to sit this long, but, rather than let that tempt me into trying to go all rational, I’ll just use the emotional advantage it gives me, in a sympathetic sense, to claim exemption for the intro for today. In essence, it’s really not an issue, though the bureaucrats would have us believe otherwise; we’ll let them believe whatever they wish, as it won’t alter any of the material chosen for this Pearl. In fact, it won’t alter ANY portion of Reality. It never does, but, we try to ignore that.

Okay, I’m a bit out of practice at Piffle, it’s clear. I think we’d best just get on with this, before it goes rancid. Tell you what, let’s just pretend none of this happened, and all will be well. Well, as well as it can be, given the state of affairs now extant. Ah, screw it, we’re outta here, ffolkes, before it all submits to the demands of entropy.

Shall we pearl?….

“Another of his sayings was, that education was the best viaticum of old age.”

~~ Diogenes Laertius — Aristotle, xi ~~



Naked Pearls

Oddly Enough….


“Be prepared to go mad with fixed rule and method.”

~~ Horace ~~


“You must look into people, as well as at them.”

~~ Lord Chesterfield ~~


“The true meaning of life is to plant trees,
under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

~~ Nelson Henderson ~~


“And furthermore, my bowling average is unimpeachable!!!”

~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~


“Some people never find it
Some only pretend, but me
I just want to live happily ever after
Every now and then”

~~ Jimmy Buffet ~~




Yesterday was much like this, so, it seems appropriate….

Blue chameleon

It’s hot today, with chances of pain & rain.
So it says on the news.
Guess there’s nothing to do again
unless it’s sing the blues.

The blues are gettin’ old, though.
So I say, & I should know.
I been singin’ the bloody songs, y’know?
For what seems a long row to hoe.

S’pose it could get better someday.
I’ve heard that tune before.
Always seemed out of tune anyway;
I ain’t waitin’ any more.

Bang those drums & kick the cans.
May as well raise some hell.
Clang together some old pots & pans;
It hides the little voices so well.

Never worry, don’t you fear at all.
We’ve got certificates of note.
Bureaucratic protections, officially small.
Non carborundum illegitimi, he wrote.

Time, and circumstance, wrote me today.
It came in the daily mail from home.
It said I shouldn’t write unless I say
you’ll be charged for the distance you roam.

~~ gigoid ~~



Not too shabby, for what it is. I’ll take it, and run. I’ll also issue the usual caveat, to wit: I’ll be back, hopefully tomorrow, to try again. Hmm… maybe, if I decided to define WHAT I’m trying for, it might work better. Have to check that out. For now, see ya….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch

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À bientôt, mon cherí….

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