…and era gone by


I could start out by telling you her ingredients for making some very powerful homemade candles ~ the recipe for a “real” love potion that is guaranteed to bind or how a voodoo doll is stitched together by a true practitioner

All she offered me was a cornucopia of her magickal wares ~ ritual words ~ and finally she thought it best to hand down to me her most valuable possession…

Her SpellBook

Together we summoned Spirits in graveyards at midnight

Taught me how to dance in the rain all the while I was commanding the thunder

To believe in justice and have the strength to stand tall and demand it

I learned what it feels like to have my heart beat with fire and to recognize those souls who long for it

She had become this olde woman who had been everything been everywhere and nothing scared her anymore

She had watched the world fight itself to death a dozen times over

She buried her dreams and her loved ones

Here ~ she stood ~ a woman who in her younger years had her innocence challenged by 10000 appauling assults and survived through each one

Tremendous vision while she took charge and did not apologize for itFancyPentagramBarI recall a lovely dinner party she prepared many moons ago

She spent the entire morning and afternoon primping everything according to proper etiquette ~ linen table cloth and dinner napkins ~ antique candlelabras ~ polished silverware ~ the finest english bone china

The food was all prepared by hand all homemade and yes it contained a few secret ingredients she even forgot to add a certain spice to a recipe that later that night led to some significant trouble…not too sure that wasn’t intentional!KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAs the evening went on the conversation at dinner was quite lively

One of her guest Ms.Browntower brought a date with her a Mr. Jones who had a lot to say always interrupting others in the middle of their sentence ~ contradicting those whose words he did not agree with ~ being over all a pest to everyone

As dinner came to a close and we were all getting up from the table to move the party into the parlor to relax and enjoy one of our Hostess’ most notorious Witch’s Brew…

Mr. Jones’ chair knocked over as he stood up from the dinner table

Every Witch stopped…turned to him paused grasped for air and gave him the much deserved Witches Evil Eye

For that was a clear Omen that Mr. Jones had been lying to us at dinner

And come to think about it…I’m not sure whatever became of Mr. JonesFancyPentagramBarHonestly…I would put that olde bad ass woman in a contest against any cocky young alledged witch you got going

My money is on the olde woman hands down!

Sometimes I have to ask myself upon certain things that pop up in my life…what would she do?

What would my inner olde experienced woman do?

…and I’m sure ~ no doubt ~ she would say to me…endure…hang in there…

She lives inside me now and through me she continues to practice her Magickal Arts

She is someome whom I hope to be someday18Inside her SpellBook she gifted to me rested a photograph of her by chance or perhaps by intention bookmarked to a very special page held within her book of secrets

We’ve all grown up over the years I do not worry about getting olde or what those non believers say about me or even when the day will arrive when it becomes my time to cross over

I am a Witch…and I am not going to grow out of it anytime soon ….

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