An Inspiring Indian Dad and Husband


This story will touch your heart, maybe even your tears. Aditya Tiwari is an amazing young man. First he was the youngest man in India to adopt a child at the age of 25. And if that was not enough, the little boy has Down Syndrome. We have been to several large and beautiful wedding celebrations in India which continue for seven days. From the picture it appears to me they could have had the days of celebrating with food, parties, fireworks but see how they chose to celebrate. . . . . . .

So much in the news highlights people who have been blessed with money being selfish and not blessing others with their gifts. Please watch and discover Aditoya’s generous spirit. . . . . the kind, gracious, loving spirit we saw in action with our own eyes while we were in India! Be inspired and do what you are able to “love your neighbor and do for the least of these!”

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