Brings to us a time to communicate with each other or with the Spirits we choose to help us in our SpellWork or Rituals

It is also a time to “think” to reason with ~ make decisions ~ evaluate situations ~ analyze facts

And we all have different things to think about different things going on in our Lives

Creative Thinking
Rational Thinking
Original Thinking

That set us apart from the Animal Kingdom and from each other

What a Powerful Tool “thinking” is as it carries along with it a tremendous amount of responsibility

Using your own Mind in an Honorable manner and for the betterment of all living creatures

The Planet Mercury helps us to enhance our thought process ~ and yes…it removes stress ~ tension ~ depression and turns it into an increase of creativity and original thinking

This will be…while Mercury enters Virgo 30 July at 2:18pm Eastern Time ~ a good time to get out your Journal start thinking and start writing

…and the subject you choose to write about is by all means your creative thinking decision…💛Planets


You just may begin to feel that you have become devoted to the things that mean the most to you

Intense attention to perfecting one special area of your Life or your Work and begin to realize and letting go of the other more insignificant things and just let them slide by

And what could be more Naturally lined up by Nature itself is that we have now entered into the Dark Moon time which is the time to let go and banish those things in your Life that just don’t seems to work for you no matter how much you spin it and stir it!


Wear this oil to draw Mercury’s influences to communicate ~ intelligence ~ creativity ~ travel

4 drops lavender
2 drops eucalyptus
1 drop peppermint
1/8 cup jojoba


Burn to Increase your power

1 part mace
1 part cypress
3 drops patchouly oil

Under the rule of Mercury beginning at 6am your time zone for where you live

Best times for SpellWork
6th hour of the day
13th hour of the day
19th hour of the day

These hours to gain knowledge ~ gaining the impossible ~ influencing your written words ~ understanding ~ opening closed or locked doors


STONES: peridot ~ amazonite ~ rhodochosite

HEALING: abdomen ~ gallbladder ~ intestines

HERBS: fennel seed ~ maiden hair ~ scullcap ~ valerian

FLOWER: pansy
ELEMENT: earth

CRYSTAL: sapphire

IT IS ALL LINED UP…use it to the best of your ability 💛

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