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Here is my ever evolving list of Magic Herbs and their Elemental Correspondence according to Green Witchcraft principles. A few pointers:

  1. The Elements Air and Fire are generally of masculine energy. Water and Earth are generally of feminine energy.
  2. Herbs might be listed under multiple elements, meaning they are versatile herbs.
  3. Some herbs are connected to a specific planet, intention or Star Sign- In the Craft, the word planet is used to specify any celestial body: Sun, Moon, Jupiter a star, etc – if that’s the case, it will be listed here.


Black Walnut – Spirit, Weather Workings, Teleportation

Gotu Kola – Sun, Saturn, Capricorn

Horehound – Mercury

Sea Salt – Earth, North. Immerse Altar items for 3 minutes to purity and cleanse them

Shavegrass – Earth, Saturn

Wintergreen – Mercury, Earth, Removes Jinxes, Protects Children, Protection


Bergamot – Mercury

Elder Flowers – Sacred in Celtic Mythology

Dandelion Root – Jupiter…

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