Gothic HandYou are a keen observer as this Full Moon in July will be entering Aquarius it’s a time to think outside the box and in order to think outside the box you’ve got to become an expert on what’s in the box

During this Full Moon your senses will heighten

You just may come to realize finally that some certain traditions that have been bestowed on you will no longer be applicable to what’s going on in your life that it has become unsuited to who you are now


The Moon will begin in Capricorn but it goes into VOID OF COURSE at 6:57p the same time the Moon becomes a FULL MOON

The Full Moon will then physically leave Capricorn and be traveling towards Aquarius for about 4 hours which at this time No Magick is Preformed

The Full Moon enters Aquarius at 11:10p with all it’s Full Power of Aquarius just in time for the Witching Hour of Midnight

Candles: blue or violet
Flower: orchid
Healing: ankles and circulatory system

A perfect time to set off your creativity of any kind what ever it is you enjoy doing your creative energy will be at an all time high so use it use it wisely and use it up

For the Moon will not be in Aquarius very long it will soon travel out to enter into Pisces on 22nd of July at 4:35a ET

Many Astrologers write the Full Moon will be in Capricorn and perhaps for what they do it’s acceptable to give out that information and base on that predict ones future!Pentagram-1But for Witchcraft and Spell Work we must know where the Moon “physically” is to be successful in our endeavors

It’s the Night’s late hours my Words of Spell are said under my breath

The hour is free from excess activity and I can detect a difference in the Air

As the passive distracting thoughts are removed from my mind

That inner quiet helps me to link with the Night’s consciousness

Should I desire to let the Full Moon’s energy into my Soul to let it seep into my Heart to let it reveal to me all I need to know

…I’ll make sure I do it tonight 💜

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